Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat

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Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat
Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat

FDA APPROVED - Safe for Home Use, Clinically Tested - HSA/FSA ELIGIBLE - 30 Day Returns - 2 Year Warranty!

The Red Light LED Therapy Yoga Mat is a rehabilitation device designed for full-body therapy. It utilizes 1440 LEDs with 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light, effectively promoting cellular repair in the body and thereby providing various benefits.

  • Relief from Pain: The 850nm infrared light therapy helps alleviate muscle and joint pain in various parts of the body, including common areas such as the back, shoulders, waist, knees, legs, and more.
  • Body Recovery: It also aids in the quick recovery of wounds, muscles, and bones for postoperative or injured individuals.
  • Muscle Growth: It effectively assists individuals after exercise by promoting muscle repair and growth.
  • Body Sculpting: Infrared light accelerates the breakdown of stubborn fat, aiding in body contouring.
  • Enhanced Yoga Experience
Working Voltage: 100-240V
Number Of LEDs: 1440 LEDs for LED Mat
Size: 69inch*24inch
Net weight: 8.3lbs(LED Mat)
8.3lbs(LED Mat)

Easily Improve the Results of Your Workouts

The LED mat, shaped like a yoga mat, can be used during or after your workout to maximize its benefits. During your exercise routine, it enhances your body's performance and increases energy expenditure for a more intense workout.

After exercising, it allows for deep relaxation of deep muscle tissues and bones, promoting muscle regeneration and recovery. It aids in burning excess stubborn fat and helps improve body contouring.

Customized Your Light Therapy

The LED mat can be customized for your light therapy needs through the controller, allowing you to adjust brightness, wavelength modes, light frequency, and exposure time, among other functions.

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Yoga Mat

I've been using the red light therapy after my gym sessions, and I'm amazed at how quickly it eases my muscle soreness. It's like a fast-acting, natural pain reliever and I'm ready for my next workout!

Heather R.
United States United States

Just what I needed

I needed a red light therapy device that covers more area and this is perfect. I use this to complete my workouts for about 5-10 mins.

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I love starting out the day with red light therapy. It not only improves my mood but helps reduce the pain in my back.

Carrie T.
United States United States

More than a mat

Whether it's muscle pain, joint discomfort, or just wanting healthier skin, this product has made a noticeable difference.

United States United States

Not Bad

It helps with my lumbar disc pain and also with muscle recovery. I am less sore when I use this after my workouts.